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Along with increasing transparency regarding the suppliers of our materials, we also work to protect workers in our supply chain and implement fair compensation strategies.

We meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

We are very proud of the we've work done so far, but we believe that it is always possible to do more.


We are committed to protect the environment and support fair work.
As citizens it is essential for us to treat the people who make our clothes fairly. We have a Code of Conduct and Expectations that sets the standards for our Fair Work Program and we are continually working to improve livelihoods and promote workers' rights. We've been building strong relationships with our suppliers to keep them accountable and improving our purchasing practices. We also work towards living wages for everyone in our supply chain – read our commitment to fair compensation here."


We build deep and genuine relationships with our third-party suppliers and assure we keep our connection strong – they visit us and we visit them often too. We conduct audits and always focus on ensuring safe, legal, humane and ethical manufacturing practices. We spare no efforts to guarantee the LIVE! supply quality.
We work with selected suppliers willing to commit to our Code of Conduct. This enables workers to be treated with dignity and justice, prioritizing health and safety. We look for suppliers that work to improve the standard of living of their employees through salary and benefits systems. For this, we rely on the transparency of the supply chains of all our partners.


The LIVE! team is passionate about our mission.
For us, it is very important that everyone has the opportunity to get to know our team, as well as the work they do.
The people who are part of the LIVE! are some of our best and most passionate ambassadors. We want to keep cultivating this passion further."