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Picking workout clothes is not just about aesthetics. Their main purpose is to allow you to perform by moving freely and comfortably.

That being said, combining practicality and style is a must in workout clothes. After all, feeling confident and good about yourself is essential, whether you’re heading to the gym or hitting the streets.

Here are a few tips on how to prep workout looks for your sports practices. Read on to learn more!

How should I pick my workout clothes?

Start by focusing on how freely you’re able to move in the outfit. Remember, you’ll be performing a range of movements during your workout sessions, so pick something that won’t tear easily and does not limit your body in any way, shape or form.

Next, pay close attention to the following three key points:

. Clothing fit: avoid baggy or very loose garments as the leftover fabric may snag. On the flip side, no super tight items either! Comfort and safety always come first, so be sure to find the perfect size for you.
. The right length: one of the biggest issues for people who have thicker thighs and arms is an uncomfortable sensation that arises from friction between the limbs during intense or repeat movements. This may cause skin irritation, allergies or even a more serious rash! Avoid this by picking items that cover and protect these specific parts of the body, such as mid to long sleeved tops and mid-thigh length shorts or longer.
. The most suitable fabric: this is one of the most important factors when it comes to your level of comfort during workout sessions. The ideal fabric is not only light, to facilitate movement, but also helps keep your body cool with sweat wicking features. We recommend cotton and Lycra, preferably packed with Quick Dry technology for increased thermal comfort and better sweat absorption capabilities.

If you stick to these points and keep it simple, choosing your workout looks shouldn’t be a challenge!

Training clothes: what’s essential?

The typical combo is T-shirt + shorts + sneakers, but it's important to pay attention to a few details to ensure maximum comfort during your workouts.

We've put together a list of indispensable items to compose your workout wardrobe. Check it out and check them off:

. Quick Dry Tops and Tees;
. Compression shorts - a performance boosting item;
. Sports shoes or sneakers with impact absorption technology;
. High support sports bras for women;
. Arm and leg warmers, sweatpants, tracksuits and jackets for the more chilly days.

Now that you know more about choosing the right workout clothes, browse through our online shop to see all Fitness and Workout options to compose your new looks!