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Style your looks with neutral tones

Style your looks with neutral tones

Neutral tones have been trending in recent years. Far from basic, neutrals suit all styles, from athleisure to ready-to-wear. Garments and accessories in these hues have become wardrobe staples.

Learn how to mix-and-match these colors in an elegant and creative way.

What are neutral tones?

Neutral tones are hues that remind us of colors of the earth and nature. They’re an excellent choice for those who wish to stay away from solids like black, white, beige and gray.

Neutral Palette

The color chart in these tones is versatile and includes warm hues in yellow and red and cold hues in blue and violet. Brown, caramel, terracotta, mustard yellow and moss green also belong in this palette. 

What do neutral tones convey?

A sophisticated look while also sparking feelings of coziness, ease and comfort.Neutral may be considered more predominant in the Fall season, but are actually appropriate year-long – it’s simply a matter of styling.

OK, so how do I match neutral tones?

For a refined look, neutral tones are easy to pair and go well with almost everything! Here are some helpful tips to help you compose looks that range from simple to creative.

1. Monochromatic

In this style, looks are composed of the same or very similar color tones in varying saturations: one lighter, the other darker, creating a tone-on-tone combo. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking elegant and easy-to-put-together looks. Among the highlights to keep in your wardrobe are our Essential Wellness Tie Lounge Shorties, Essential Wellness Crop Top, Hype Wide Pants and our Hype Maxi Blouse.

2. B&W

As we know, wearing black & white is, in general, foolproof. Match them with earth tones for a more creative, sophisticated look.

3. Vibrant

Styling neutrals with bright & lively summer colors is another go-to styling tip. This combo will give you a modern and sophisticated look. Want to try out wearing more neutral colors? Check out Pecan and Pepper items from our Beyond Collection.